An awesome app
for amateur cricket umpires
(and players)
Umpity is a smartphone app used by amateur cricket umpires and player-umpires to improve in-match decision-making in near real time.
Umpity can also provide grade cricketers with a taste of Test match cricket action through the use of Umpity’s D.R.S. capabilities. 

 Record and review
to improve your decision-making.

Umpity is a phone-based umpire training and evaluation tool. It also records live play so umpires can review deliveries to quickly confirm or correct decisions.

Player umpires will love the LBW Wizard – it’s a fast, easy way to make the right decision if you’re ever in doubt.

Players will LOVE
Umpity’s D.R.S.

Umpity’s in-built Decision Review System (DRS) can be used by players to challenge decisions within the DRS rules agreed for each match.

It’s an exciting addition to amateur fixtures for players and umpires – while protecting players’ stats from the compounding impact of incorrect decisions.

can be used to:
Check for no-balls.
Detect nicks.
Decide run-outs.
Confirm stumpings.
Confirm where ball pitched.
Confirm ball height.
Check if hit in line.