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Player-umpires are used in many social grades of cricket around the world. Perceptions around the impartiality of player umpires, particularly at key moments in a match or season, can lead to on-field disputes and longstanding grudges, and the gradual erosion of the Spirit of Cricket. Regrettably, there have even been instances involving on field violence and injuries caused by one player assaulting another.

Amateur umpiring decisions can also have a significant impact on enjoyment and outcomes for both umpires and players. Accumulating wrongful dismissals can erode a player’s stats and could eventually prove to be career limiting for players seeking higher honours.

Umpity is designed to help amateur and player umpires improve their in-match decision-making, and can also be used as an umpire training and evaluation tool. It reduces or eliminates player dissent, while providing grade cricketers with the opportunity to use a decision review system (DRS) similar to that used in Test matches.

If more umpiring decisions are correct, umpires and players alike will enjoy the benefits that improvement brings to the game.

Yes, however Umpity subscriptions are country-specific, so you may be required to take out another subscription for the other country you want to use Umpity in.  Just make sure, when you take out a subscription you are in the country where you intend to use Umpity. If you subscribe while in another country, you will probably be paying a subscription for that other country.

The Laws of Cricket provide the following guidance for umpires:

The umpires shall stand where they can best see any act upon which their decision may be required.
Subject to this over-riding consideration, the bowler’s end umpire shall stand in a position so as not to interfere with either the bowler’s run-up or the striker’s view.
The striker’s end umpire may elect to stand on the off side instead of the on side of the pitch, provided he/she informs the captain of the fielding side, the striker and the other umpire.

We recommend umpires at the bowler’s end should stand a minimum of 2 metres behind the stumps (a professional umpire might stand 4 metres or more behind the stumps). This will ensure you (and the Umpity camera) will have a good view of the popping and return creases, which will be essential if you need to check for a fair delivery when considering LBW decisions.

We recommend umpires at the batting end should stand at least 15 metres from the closer return crease, directly in line with the popping (or batting) crease. We also suggest you take the position of the sun into consideration, as it may also impact the quality of your recordings (you may be better off standing at point than at square leg for example).

In many jurisdictions, it is likely the person operating the camera to record play will own the copyright in the recordings they make. For this reason, it is best to ensure you have your own copy of the Umpity app installed on your own phone for you to use.

If you are in any doubt, seek professional advice.

Unfortunately, at this stage, Umpity is only available for use on iPhones and iPads, although we will soon also have an Android version available.

Yes you can, however it is important to note the rear camera on your iPhone is a better quality than the camera in your iPad, and so will be more useful when reviewing decisions where you need to zoom in close (eg looking for an edge or very close run-out decisions).

It is also worth noting we don’t have an iPad harness available at this point in time and iPads are a larger “target” should you find yourself in line with an incoming leather projectile!

This will depend on the attitudes and the flexibility of your local Cricket Association or governing body, as well as your local Umpires’ Association.

Umpires want to avoid carrying more gear than they need. However, Umpity provides for a better in-match experience for players and umpires alike. The little bit of extra weight is well outweighed by the benefits of improved decision-making.

Umpity can also be used by umpires to review their own performance post match, and by Umpires’ Associations to help train and evaluate umpire performances as part of an on-going umpire-development programme.

Umpity can record all day long as long as you have enough battery power and storage space (on your phone or in the cloud)!

Umpity’s default record settings ensure you are recording in high definition for say a rolling three-minute period. When setting up your account (or preferences for matches), you will be asked to confirm what you want to happen to recorded video older than three minutes (or any other duration you decide). You can choose to store it on your phone or in the cloud at hi or low definition, or you might not wish to retain older video at all. The choice is yours.

For periods of extended play, users should connect to a power bank or battery pack to ensure their device doesn’t run out of charge during use.

Umpity will work on most iPhones, however, the camera quality is significantly improved on more recent models, and so we recommend on using Umpity only on late model iPhones. This is particularly important when an umpire needs to zoom in to confirm fine edges or the exact pitch point, as the lower resolution on older phones will not provide the best quality images for making those kinds of decisions.